First and foremost, thank you very much for visiting my site and for looking at some of the stuff I’ve painted. You might not like them but I hope they are of some interest to you at least. I’m busy trying to build up a ‘portfolio’ of sorts and have many ideas up my stuffed sleeve. My methods aren’t particularly original, it’s all copying! I find images I like and then use a computer app to re-colour it etc. I then copy it with pencil before finally messing it all up with paint, pencil and sometimes ink.

These photographs are of the individual original designs and some have already been sold. If you are interested in buying any then please let me know as I am open to painting new ‘same but different’ portraits to order. I’m also planning on having A3 prints made of certain of the designs in the very near future and they also will be available to buy, at very reasonable rates of course! Please note that my intention is to donate at least 50% of profits on Leeds designs to the Leeds United Foundation.

Any painting enquiries, please email

1 Billy Bremner – pop art portrait in pencil, acrylic and ink. Sold.

2 Paul Madeley – pop art portrait in pencil, acrylic and ink. Sold.

3 ‘I’m as mad as hell…’ – a scene from the classic film Network – pencil, ink and acrylic.

4 Adam Pope – Obama ‘Hope’ style, acrylic and ink.

5 Jimi Hendrix – psychedelic, man! Pencil, acrylic and ink.

6 Mural – images from the Beatles film Yellow Submarine, painted (weather and pandemic permitting) in 2020, currently floating on friends’ garden screen in West Ardsley! 97.5% finished.

7 Lesley Knope – the Parks & Recreation character in ‘Hope’ style.

8 Johan Cruyff – I really enjoy painting the portraits with seemingly random colours, though in this case the colours all have a connection with the great master’s football career. Repro’d in pencil and acrylic, and a tiny bit of ink.

9 Rodrigo – this is quite abstract, done to order, and I hear it might be recreated to be a mural on foreign shores!

10 Kalvin Phillips – I really like this one, the colours just click AND stand out perfectly, which in a way sums up a lot of KP’s performances! Sold.

11 Bobby Collins – a personal favourite Legend and the main man/player responsible for Don Revie’s Leeds United revolution.

12 Bill Shankly – a print of an original painting of one of my favourites in football (non-Leeds). e

13 Kalvin Phillips print – a different version to the one above, and with tidier lettering!

14 Tony Currie print – a Leeds cult hero of a generation, on his day a magnificent attacking midfielder

15 Pablo Hernandez print – another LU cult hero, for a later generation!

16 Marcelo Bielsa – a pop art portrait of the Leeds United genius and icon!

17 – ‘Bielsaball‘ – this is a tribute to a few of my favourite things! ‘Bielsaball’ speaks for itself of course, but this poster is derived from the orange film poster of one of my all-time fave films, Rollerball. And the player is, in case you can’t tell (I hope you CAN!), Kalvin Phillips.

18 – The Don print – taken from my painting of Don Revie, true legend, hero, pioneer, football icon.

19 and 20 – two versions of ‘Gigante!’, which is a nickname given to John Charles in Italy during the late 1950s. The full nickname is ‘Il Gigante Buono’ which, loosely, translates to The Gentle Giant. These two paintings were requested so that explains why I’ve used different colouring. All the colours are linked to Leeds and, less so, Juventus.

artwork-billy artwork-madeley artwork-network artwork-pope artwork-hendrix mural-beatles artwork-knope



artwork-cruyff artwork-rodrigo artwork-kalvin artwork-bobby

12-bill-shankly 13-kalvin-phillips 14-tony-currie 15-pablo-hernandez 16-marcelo-bielsa 17-bielsaball 18-don-review 19-gigante 20-gigante-2