‘The Gigante’ book – due out on Ockley Books any time soon I hope! There are no problems at all with this, the publisher is simply waiting for the ideal time to release it. Me, I want it out yesterday 🙂

‘A Greek Remedy’ – a screenplay in progress, it’s a Rom-com. Yes, I know, me writing a Rom-com, what a shock!

‘Carrying Billy’ – a novel set in 1950s Leeds concerning the true story of ‘Mac’ and his ambitions to become a professional football player. This is another work in progress but a solid start has been made and I’ll be adding to it gradually, hoping for publication next year on Ockley Books.

‘Whitby’ – a Horror screenplay co-written with my learned and good friend Paul Arrowsmith.

‘Model Village’ – is still being built!

Peace & Goodwill to you all, thank you for sticking with me.