Although it’s a few months away, I’m pretty chuffed to see that Peaches – A Chronicle of The Stranglers... is already being talked about. It’s taken me bloomin’ long enough to finish it, I can’t deny, but I hope people will think the wait has been worth it.  Those that know about the gestation of this book and the personal traumas of the last two or so years have always been very supportive and I hope that in some way this book will stand as a kind of tribute to them.  It’s not a novel of course, which therefore means it’s a new territory for me, but writing ANY kind of book can be very demanding and emotionally draining; Peaches certainly has been hard work at times.  It’s a biography with a difference and as I’ve never really felt qualified enough to write ‘proper’ music reviews it will be very interesting to see how it is received.  The cover is a great start even though I can take absolutely no credit at all for it!